ELLA-VATION is a full service firm experienced in delivering risk and safety project solutions from conception through start-up to build-out. We offer complete risk and safety solutions during the design, planning, and engineering phase for the construction industry.

ELLA-VATION has excelled in providing innovative and cost-effective risk and safety solutions to clients over the years. Our staff includes all disciplines for single source project delivery.


ELLA-VATION is a firm that earns your trust. Through our commitment, transparency, and consistency. We are upfront and honest even if it means sharing bad news. You can trust us as a partner, as if we worked as direct employees.


The essence of ELLA-VATION’s professional staff consist of integrity, resiliency, self-confidence and work ethic. The caliber of our safety consultants allows us to engage with project managers, superintendents and MEP coordinators to ensure safety is on par with production without impacting the schedule or budget. This allows our clients to take on challenging projects and reach beyond as we focus on looking past the project’s day scope for issues and implement safeguards to ensure the highest levels of safety while protecting our clients corporate image and core values.


Our staff has extensive experience that can be relied on especially when issues are new or unexpected. We are a team of highly-experienced professionals dedicated to identifying and satisfying our customers’ needs. ELLA-VATION has depth of subs and their relationships with our clients are invaluable.


We know what’s important and it emulates out of the team. Values that translate to great results. We are able to handle complex projects and assist in meeting scheduled deadlines with top quality without compromising the budget.


At ELLA-VATION, we succeed on an extraordinarily difficult projects. We have a very strong, can-do attitude and ethical business practices that exceed regulatory standards and requirements. Because risk and safety is all we do, we are completely focused on getting the project done on-time and under budget. More importantly, everyone goes home safe to their families. Therefore, we are deeply committed to providing the right level of resources to meet that commitment.


We are committed to successfully help build projects by fostering a good team-based attitude and working together to find solutions. It is our core belief: when something goes wrong, it’s one of two reasons, “either they don’t know or they don’t care.” Therefore, ELLA-VATION gets involved early, concentrates to apply appropriate resources to better understand the job and the team prepares for challenges to ensure a smooth transition. We do most of it behind the scenes which makes the job go smoother.


Our innovative approache save time, lives, and money. From our front office to the project safety professionals in the field, everyone is dedicated to the job and is willing to do their part to deliver value and peace of mind.


We strive to be the best; we are a “boots on the ground” type of company. We provide services that help foster a healthy safety culture, ensure people go home safe, and adds to your bottom line.

Progressive and Innovative

ELLA-VATION is a progressive and innovative company that thinks outside of the box. Modern enough with BIM for large projects, while still having a small company feel with employees who are personable. We provide resources both in-house and with top-tier subcontractors. ELLA-VATION brings a high level of creativity, integrity, collaboration, technology and professionalism, which are attributes our clients want on a project teams.