If you love this business and the people in it. You enjoy hard work, and you get a great deal of satisfaction from solving difficult problems and making sure people go home safely to their love ones. You think things through, and you are good at recognizing and managing risk. You love your team. You believe in communicating with them—all the time.

You prefer to share recognition for collective success. You support your team by giving members what they need while still holding everyone accountable for their results. You learn from your mistakes and committed to training/mentoring others. You are completely ethical in your approach to your work, because you understand that relationships and reputation are the keys to profit and success. It matters deeply to you that your fellow employees don’t get hurt, and you work actively to ensure the safety of your job every day.

Do these statements accurately describe you? If the answer is yes, you may have a bright future at ELLA-VATION. We are looking for top notch professionals in all fifty states.


Design and manage construction safety programs that far exceed standards set by the industry


Provide overall leadership and direction of project teams, finances and construction of industry leading projects


Support construction operations through human resources, accounting, marketing, legal and other functions

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